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>>>>> GSM Door Phone
GSM Door Phones of our company have the functions of wireless intercom, remotely opening door, and access control. They overcome the limitation of the wireless doorbell and access control system which can not talk, can not open door remotely, and avoids the trouble of running cables. They mostly reduce the cost of construction and maintenance, also solve the difficult problem of intercom range restricted with other wireless door phones. They are update substitutes for the traditional door phones and access control systems. They are suitable used in buildings and neighborhoods.

Product Features:
1. No need running cables: Only install in gate. Mostly reduce the cost of construction and maintenance.
2. Global answer: No limit with intercom range. Anywhere could make call with telephone or mobile can use this product.
3. Security and convenient: Not in home could answer and open door remotely. Also could effectively protect your privacy.
4. Set up flexibly: Users can set up their room numbers and corresponding phone numbers by themselves.
5. Modify easy: Sent a short message could change, add, or delete the previously set up phone number.
6. Remotely open door: Press the open door code in telephone or mobile could open door.
7. Multiple phones: Each room could be set up with 3 telephones or mobile phones.
8. Access control: Integrated with access control system. Swipe the access card could open door.
9. Network support: Use a SIM card of GSM.

We are willing to make faithful cooperation and establish long-term business relationship with international trade companies, wholesaler, importer, or distributor.

These products must give your life and work much more convenience, safety and pleasure.
Company:Shenzhen Welldone Technology and Industry Co., Ltd
Company Name: Shenzhen Welldone Technology and Industry Co., Ltd
Address: B1801, Fenglin International Center, Longgang District
Contact Person: Steven Mao
Tel: 86-755-83953681
Fax: 86-755-83953648
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